LFLCS COVID-19 Updates:


May 15, 2020
Nasal testing for the active COVID-19 virus is now available in Monterey County. Testing is open to all Monterey County residents, and is administered at four sites throughout the county. Note that testing will be by appointment only. Please click below to view each flyer in your preferred language:


COVID-19 Testing Flyers


March 23, 2020
The Executive Director at Learning for Life Charter School has issued an important announcement regarding school continuation as well as some new operating instructions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click below to view each announcement in your preferred language:


School Resumption Announcement


March 17, 2020
The Executive Director at Learning for Life Charter School has issued a message to our community regarding the school's epidemic response plan and the COVID-19 virus. Please click below to view each message in your preferred language:


Epidemic Response Plan


COVID-19 Information






Enrollment for School Year 2020-21

Please call (831) 582-9820 or email info@lflcs.org for application forms and to schedule an orientation meeting with our school director.

Charter School Complaint Notice [ + ]

Charter schools are not allowed to discourage a pupil from enrolling or seeking to enroll in the charter school because the pupil exhibits any characteristics such as students with disabilities, academically low-achieving, English learners, neglected or delinquent, homeless, socially economically disadvantaged, foster youth, or based on nationality, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Charter schools are not allowed to request a pupil's records before enrollment or encourage a child who is enrolled in a charter school to disenroll or transfer to another school. A parent, guardian, or pupil (18 years or older) may file a Charter School Complaint Form to the authorizing entity if they suspect the charter school is in violation of Education Code Section 47605(d)(4).
Charter School Complaint Notice and Form (PDF)

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