Assistance is available in academic planning, personal/social development, career exploration, and meeting basic needs.

  • We have a counselor and a psychologist available for drop-in and scheduled appointments



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  • Support for homeless youth: View the informational poster in English or Spanish
  • Support for foster youth: View the informational poster here
  • Our school community liaison provides assistance as needed for:
    • Medical care
    • Nutrition
    • Housing
    • Transportation
    • Hygiene kits
    • Food bags


If you have questions about any of these services, please don't hesitate to contact our school community liaison, Ms. Maribel Perez Santos, by phone at (831) 582-9820 x116 or (831) 216-5660 or email at

Rights of Eligible Children & Youth

  • Right to Immediate Enrollment
  • Right to remain in school of origin
  • Right to receive transportation to and from the school of origin
  • Right to receive support for academic success


Who qualifies for this service?

Students who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence which includes:

  • Shared housing due to loss of housing or economic hardship
  • Living in cars, parks, RV park, campsite, or similar location
  • Living in a hotel or motel
  • Living in a homeless shelter or transitional housing
  • Living in a residence with inadequate facilities, e.g., no water, no heat, no electricity, no plumbing, or infestation.
  • Living in an encampment or on the street
  • Living in a shed or unconverted garage
  • Migratory children living in the above circumstances
  • Unaccompanied minors, i.e, children and youth, not in the physical custody or a parent or court-appointed guardian.


One-to-one assistance is offered on site, online and via phone. We hold classes on site and offer a structured middle school program.

  • Drop-in & scheduled tutoring appointments available
  • Meet with you supervising teacher
  • Get help from subject area specialist teachers
  • Middle schoolers provided additional supervision and guidance

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Our Marina campus is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and sometimes later on special occasions. Students can come to campus by arrangement, where they will have access to:

  • School technology
  • Individualized tutoring

  • High speed internet
  • Relaxation & social spaces

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