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LFLCS Offers Support

Our New Location
April, 2017
Facts About LFLCS
June, 2017

Learning for Life Charter School supports students on their learning journey!

Did you know that research shows offering students with as much support as possible they are more likely to succeed in everything they do. At our campus we make sure to provide our students with the resources they need to succeed. Our campus is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, and later on some days. Students are welcome to drop in for as much of this time as they want. Students on campus have access to: computers, Wi-Fi, library, study areas, as well as relaxation and social spaces. We want our student to have a relaxed environment filled with support.

We make our school a safe place for struggling youth. Assistance is available in academic planning, personal/social development, career exploration, and meeting basic needs. We make sure to offer youth the assistance they need to succeed.

Tips to help support you child at home: Demonstrate a positive attitude about education to your children. Show your child the importance of getting a good education and get them excited to learn. Your child learns from watching you, so set a positive example and they will pick up on it. Showing your child that you value education and use it in your daily lives provides them with powerful models and contributes greatly to their success in school.

Monitor your child's television, video game, and internet use. Make sure you're aware of your child's use of electronics since this can be a big distraction from getting homework done and studying. You also want to make sure that what they are watching and playing is a good influence on them

Encourage your child to read. Help them get into reading since a lot of kids these days don't read as much as they should. Reading can help your child in all school subjects. More importantly, it is the key to lifelong learning and your child will gain success in school-and in life.

Talk with your child. Have open communication with your child. Let them know it's okay to open up to you. This will help them feel comfortable telling you important things going on at school or in their personal life or just be their to simply listen. And if your child doesn't want to talk let them know you will always be their when they are ready.

Encourage your child to be responsible and work independently. Taking responsibility and working independently are important qualities for school success. You can help your child develop these qualities by establishing reasonable rules that you should enforce consistently, making it clear to your child that he has to take responsibility for what he does, both at home and at school.