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Facts About LFLCS

LFLCS Offers Support
May, 2017
Important Info for Seniors
January, 2023

What makes Learning for Life Charter School different?

Everyone learns differently, which is why we provide a different way of learning that caters to each of our students individually.

How we do it? Each student is provided a digital device, so they can log into Edgenuity, our online curriculum, and complete academic coursework. In addition, to round out their school day, students engage in fitness and community learning activities. Students and parents are notified daily of progress and meet weekly with a supervising teacher to get feedback.

Why we do it? We think independent study offers students a powerful alternative to traditional schooling. Students need a variety of educational pathways. Here in the 21st century, one size does not need to fit all. Our digital platform allows each student to customize their school so it suits their needs. We provide many options, from a basic high school diploma through preparation for the most competitive universities. Students can work through their customized curriculum at their own pace: faster, slower, or equal to the time it takes to graduate in 4 years.

Everyone is different and everyone learns differently. Our school is a new alternative, public school isn't for everyone. Public schools have a large number of students, and with a lack of funding, there are often limited numbers of teachers. This can lead to less monitoring of the students, thus a larger number of behavioral issues. At LFLCS we have smaller class sizes to focus on each student. By giving every student more attention, we are able to monitor them better and instill a successful future.