How We Operate During COVID-19

The Board of Directors at Learning for Life Charter School has approved a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan for academic year 2020-21. Please view the (PDF) document to learn more.

Response Plan


Student Support

We support our students so they not only complete assignments but also feel supported and connected in the process.

Online ClassesActivitiesTutoring

How we do it?

Each student is provided a digital device, so they can log into Edgenuity, our online curriculum, and complete academic coursework. In addition, to round out their school day, students engage in fitness and community learning activities. Students and parents are notified daily of progress and meet weekly with a supervising teacher to get feedback.

  • Fitness and community learning activities are logged
  • Logged and academic activities comprise the school day
  • A school day in independent study is as long as a school day in a traditional school
  • But you choose when and where you go to school!
  • Get your work done anytime, anywhere!

Why we do it?

We think independent study offers students a powerful alternative to traditional schooling.

Students need a variety of educational pathways. Here in the 21st century, one size does not need to fit all. Our digital platform allows each student to customize their school so it suits their needs. We can provide any option, from a basic high school diploma through preparation for the most competitive universities. Students can work through their customized curriculum at their own pace: faster, slower, or equal to the time it takes to graduate in 4 years.



Who are taking advantage of our innovative program


The average number of students assigned to a supervising teacher


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LFLCS has been serving students and changing lives

How we got started

LFLCS was started in 2001 to provide a better alternative for local students who were not finding success in school. Since then, staff has been dedicated to helping unique students find their unique pathways to success in the real world. We have wanted all our students to embrace the idea of “School your way.”

A Different Kind Of Culture.

Our staff is highly trained. We focus on providing attachment, developing self-regulation, and fostering competency. We foster developmental assets and developmental relationships. We explore with students their motivation regarding survival, power, relationships, freedom, and fun. We ally with students to find solutions to problems, focusing on their strengths and the future.