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Location Change

Learning for Life Charter Schools Offers Support.
April 26, 2017

Have you heard? Learning for Life Charter School has changed location!

At the start of July 1, LFLCS has had a new home, our new facility is located just 2 miles away and provides a much better experience for our students. Being located at building B of the University of California (UC) Monterey Bay Education, Science, and Technology (MBEST) Center provides many advantages!

Just to name a few improvements of our new facility, it is newer, more spacious, and has much better light and energy than our current facility. Our students will have access to the larger offices, classrooms, and workspaces within our suite of rooms, as well as a central atrium that serves all the Center’s tenants, and includes restrooms, a kitchen, cafe seating, and an art gallery.

Our students and faculty love the new change and we're sure new incoming students will too! This new space allows our students to feel like they can accomplish anything. When you're surrounded in a great environment it's hard not to succeed. For the past year, we have been searching for a new campus that would accommodate our increasing enrollment and improve the quality of our learning environment. Our search has paid off!